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As I lay in my bed, tossing and turning,

Rolling and squirming through

Giant masses of sheets and comforters,

I can’t help but remember

The days I used to dream.


I used to dream of flying,

Soaring through the skies higher than ever

Seeking out new lands.

Lands exciting and unique.

Some with trees with leaves blue

And waters green like fern leaves.

With a white sun, glassy and fragile

And deadly animals, cute and fuzzy.


I used to dream of having superpowers.

Maybe I’d be the next storm

Having control over all nature seemed cool

And hale berry was a very hot storm.

Maybe I’d be like Goku,

Actually, no I like Goten better.

I’d teleport around shooting Kamehamehas.

Maybe I’d have a finishing move,

A Hissatsu Ougi, and it’d be flashy as hell.

or I’d have a Bankai, or Chidori, or Rasengan

Or a move with a name like “realis phaze” which would allow me to phase through reality.


I used to imagine I could see through the roof and the floor above me.

I would look past the city lights and the cloudy skies till the stars presented themselves to me.

Then I’d trace a map across the boundless sky, leaping from star to star till I encountered a new world.

One in which I’d fall asleep peacefully,

On a meadow with tall grass moving with the wind, caressing me as I dive deeper into the realms of the unconscious till I emerge in the dream world as a star, shining brightly above.


But now I lay here in my bed,

Swimming through these sheets, trying to find solace, rest, peace, something,

But nothing comes to mind except my duties and all that I try to escape.


No more soaring through the heavens,

Not with these duties anchoring me down into this place. Reality sets in so harshly that I can’t help but avert my eyes.

Maybe I can go back to dreaming if I close my eyes hard enough.

Maybe I can but I’ll never know.





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