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Humans of D’Youville is back, and will be highlighting members of the D’Youville Community!

While on campus Dan Liberg, Office Manager of Connections tracks the SEP budgets for student work study, answers many study questions, and plans the welcome orientation for all new D’Youville students, plus much more. When Dan isn’t busy working for the College he spends his free time volunteering with The Buffalo Ghostbusters. The Buffalo Ghostbusters is a group of guys who are fans of the popular movie The Ghostbusters. This Buffalo group is just one of the hundreds worldwide that combine the spirit of the movie with giving back to the community.

Dan Liberg

The charitable work that Dan’s volunteering benefits is the ‘Toys for Tots’ right here in Buffalo. Their most popular event of the year is the Midnight Bowling Extravaganza at the Broadway Lanes in Cheektowaga. At this event Dan and his crew dress up as the characters of The Ghostbusters and take pictures, sign autographs and sell merchandise to raise money for ‘Toys for Tots.’ Just this past year Dan reached out to Paul Feig, Director of the 2016 reboot and asked him to match the money that The Buffalo Ghostbusters raised. Mr. Feig matched the amount and together they purchased about $1,700 worth of toys and collected an additional 500 donations.

Buffalo Ghostbusters

When asked why he takes on such a massive role in giving back to the community outside of his full-time position at D’Youville Dan responded, “To turn something that I love into such a positive thing, raise money for kids that are less fortunate than I.”


Check out The Buffalo Ghostbusters on Facebook!

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Written By: Matthew Wild

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